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Kids Hope

College Wesleyan Church has been in partnership with Frances Slocum Elementary nearly eight years. Because schools are often the heartbeat of a community, this partnership has allowed us as a church to better understand our community and become actively engaged in loving our neighbors. Three ways that we mobilize volunteers is through relationships, prayer, and resourcing.


Through Immigrant Connection, CWC has been given the opportunity to be a part of a network of Wesleyans responding to the Spirit of God, bringing churches and immigrants together to cultivate relationships, share resources, provide legal services, offer ESL classes, and share the love of Christin a wholistic, transformational way.


There are many nonprofits in Grant County doing great work to transform our community! Through partnership, we believe these local organizations can help us fulfill our mission as a church, as we come alongside them to help them fulfill theirs. Through partnership, we offer resources, volunteers, and prayer.


Serve Grant County connects individuals and churches to organizations throughout Grant County to discover opportunities to serve and restore our community.