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5th - 12 Grades

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5th - 6th Grade Theology Course

Sundays 10:45

We’ll recite the Apostles Creed each week, study it line by line, have theological conversations (God-talk) driven by the tweens’ curiosity, explore where theology interacts with popular culture, try out the “calendar of Jesus” through celebrating the Christian year, and write our own creeds (“I believe” statements).

7th & 8th Grade Bible Course

Sunday 10:45am

We’ll talk about what we mean when we say “old” and “new” testament, how the Bible is “inspired” and “authoritative”, how we ended up with library that is the Bible, the big picture of the whole story and summaries of each book, skills for reading the Bible, and what it all means for our life.

9th-10th Grade Practices Course

Sunday  10:45am

We’ll look a vast range of spiritual disciplines, trying out new ones and rediscovering old ones, talk about what a Christian life looks like both inwardly and outwardly, and set aside time to actually “practice” spiritual practices and pathways.

11th - 12th Grade Leadership Teams

Sunday 10:45am

Following the 10th grade year that culminated in membership, 11th and 12th graders will serve in various roles at JCB or CWC: JCB preaching team, tiny group leader, hospitality, tech, activities, etc. We want our students to not only learn but practice the importance of participating in the life of the church through regular service. This can be a place where they discover the gift that is theirs to give back to the church.

5th-12th Grade Life Groups

Sunday  6pm-8pm

On Sunday nights groups will cover a wide range of topics and themes specific to each grade and informed by Scripture, including but not limited to: anxiety, Christian community, tough questions, relationships, worship, evangelism, suicide, social media, and prayer.

Drop-off and pick-up for grades 5-8: CWC
Drop-off and pick-up for grades 9-12: JC Bodyshop 



Elizabeth Scull

Co-Youth Pastor

Joel Thomas

Co-Youth Pastor