JCB Youth Ministry

5th-12th Grades

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5th - 6th Grade Theology Pathway

Sundays 10:45

In this pathway, we will be looking at the promises of God and explore how each of His promises are found in His Word and witnessed in Christian history, in His Church, as well as in our own life. We see the promises of God as something that links a preteen’s desire for relationship with the rich theological and scriptural truths we find in the promises God shares with us.

7th & 8th Grade Bible Pathway

Sunday 10:45am

In this pathway, we will be exploring all that we believe the Bible to be and to learn how to interact with scripture. Our hope is for our students to be able to lean on the word of God as they navigate through life and find relationships with God through His Word.

9th-10th Grade Spiritual Practices Pathway

Sunday  10:45am

In this pathway we will learn (through discussion and experience) the many different pathways to connect with God. We hope each student will not only learn new ways to connect with God through the many practices we will explore, but that they will discover the ease, fulfillment and joy that comes from connecting with GOD through them. 

11th - 12th Grade Service Pathway

Sunday 10:45am

In this pathway, we will explore (discussion, application and serving) worship service from a holistic approach. We hope that each student will get into a routine of attending CWC’s 9:15am Sunday morning worship (with family or friends) and then come together at JCB as a group to share & discuss about their experience. This time of sharing will vary from Sunday to Sunday, but overall the hope is that we will learn together how to have an interactive experience and how to apply what we experience in Sunday morning worship to our lives.

5th-12th Grade Life Groups

Sunday Night 6-8pm

On Sunday nights Life groups will cover a wide range of topics and themes specific to each grade and informed by Scripture, including but not limited to: anxiety, Christian community, tough questions, relationships, worship, evangelism, suicide, social media, and prayer.

5th-12th Grade 6-8pm