We partner with God to reconcile relationships (individuals to God, to themselves, to others, and to all of creation) and participate in holistic transformation through community development (working as the body of Christ to restore under-resourced communities).


Outreach efforts at CWC focus on three gears that work together for holistic transformation of both individuals and communities. The gears are: spiritual, educational, and economic.

Grant County

Mexico City

Sierra Leone

East Asia



We believe that God is already at work in every nation and every heart. When we develop partnerships, we have much to gain and much to give. We do not seek to establish a benefactor and beneficiary relationship, but a mutual relationship based on the theology of equality and diversity of the body of Christ, for its mutual edification.


We strive to build partnerships and ministries that are long-lasting. Instead of focusing on project completion, our focus is on decades of mutual investment, if possible. Thus we seek to build sustainable ministries and consistent programming so that long term trust develops between both entities.


We want to invest into leaders. We want to work with leaders who are able to multiply their influence in their places of service. In this way, we are empowering others for greater transformation and kingdom advancement.