Liturgy for a Meal

We had originally planned to partake in communion this Sunday but in the absence of meeting as a corporate body we wanted to provide a liturgy for a meal following the worship service (whether you are eating with a small gathering of people or by yourself). Even though this meal won’t be the Eucharist, we hope it can be eucharistic in nature—an echo of thanksgiving for Jesus’ fellowship throughout the gospels and a foretaste of future meals with each other and finally in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Liturgy for a Shared Meal

Liturgy for a Meal Eaten Alone

(Fun fact: the fourth Sunday of Lent is historically referred to as Laetare [lā•tär•ā] Sunday. It is the Sunday just following the midpoint of the season. Laetare comes from the Latin imperative “to rejoice”. A similar mid-point is celebrated on Gaudete [gou•dā•tā] Sunday—the third Sunday in Advent when we typically light the pink candle in the Advent wreath).