2019 Ash Wednesday Service

John 17:20-26

Start the Season of Lent with our Ash Wednesday Service

2021 Christ the King Sunday

This Sunday, Christ the King Sunday (the last Sunday in the Christian Year) we’ll be celebrating the entirety of the Christian Year in one service. If the Christian Year is new to you, let us give you a quick overview. The Christian Year is a repeating yearlong calendar consisting of six seasons (or movements) that in its fullness tell the entire story of Christ. This Spiritual tradition was developed in the early church and has been passed down through history in the worship of the church. It enjoys biblical foundations, historical staying power, and contemporary relevance. Through celebrating the Christian Year we are enabled to experience the biblical mandate of conforming to Christ. The Christian Year orders our formation with Christ incarnate in his ministry, death, burial, resurrection, and coming again through Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and Pentecost. In engaging with the Christian Year we are spiritually formed by recalling and entering into God’s great saving events.
This service will be more experiential than explained—it will do the story more than it will tell the story. However, we will provide a bulletin that does most of the explaining, so make sure to get one and use it if you ever feel lost or confused. We invite you and your community to lean into the story of Christ, embracing the narrative that is forming us today while connecting us to the past and pulling us into the future. His is a story for all people in all of time.

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Liturgy for a Meal

Liturgy for a Meal We had originally planned to partake in communion this Sunday but in the absence of meeting as a corporate body we wanted to

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