Worship Arts

We are blessed with a diverse worshipping body, and our worship services reflect that diversity in our songs selection and volunteer participation. We use a wide variety of instrumentation and utilize songs from multiple eras and styles. The worship services are the same in terms of content and style… and we hope that you leave with a greater understanding of The Story of God.

Love Complete

An Album by Worship Arts

The Christian Year

The Christian Year is a repeating yearlong calendar consisting of six seasons (or movements) that in its fullness tell the entire story of Christ. In the last few years, the worship arts team has sought to include themes, scriptures, and songs that adhere to the Christian Year in our worship services. In engaging with the Christian Year we are spiritually formed by recalling and entering into God’s great saving events.

Gallery of Liturgical Art

At College Wesleyan Church, we embrace the concept that Worship remembers and enacts the story of God. We look back at the things God has done and respond to Him in the way we live our life. The Gallery of Liturgical Art at College Church is one means in which we seek to remember and enact God’s work. Whether it’s in looking back at the biblical narrative, revealing present works of God or recalling the promises of what’s to come in the future, we use art to testify to God’s work and his character throughout all of time.


The purpose of the worship arts team at College Church is to creatively facilitate the conversation of worship between God, and his people.