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New Phone System

Technology is a beautiful thing……when it works. Last month as we moved to a web-based phone service and removed desktop phones from our offices, we began the process of familiarizing ourselves with talking monitors and blue-tooth earbuds. For some, this seemed like a perfectly logical “next step” in our internet driven culture. For others, it has given us an opportunity to add to our skill set, once void of anything but a landline and answering machine. But those days are of course, long gone. And I can’t say they are much missed. But this last transition has been a bit more challenging, as we’ve figured out the “timing” of a delayed connection, dropped calls, and been destined to occasionally sit helplessly idle, unable to pick up a call. So this comes to just say a huge thank you to each of you who has called the church office over the past 6 weeks and been met with introductory music, robotically recorded messages, and forwarded calls that haven’t yet made their way to a real person or voice mail. Bless you for being gracious and calling back; for being patient as we navigated this new system. We want your encounter with the office to always be pleasant and accommodating. While we still have a few small snags to work out, I believe we are, for the most part, equipped to respond efficiently and warmly to all calls. If that however, is not your experience, please let us know. (perhaps via email) A big thank you to Jordan Ashley and Kyle Huber as well, for all their expertise in getting our new system set up and functioning well. They are a wonderful asset to our team!

We’d also like to take this opportunity to welcome a couple of new people to our front desk and regular office team. A couple of months ago, Diane Owen joined our Sunday morning crew of volunteers and we are so appreciative of her welcoming presence. We also welcomed back to the front desk during September, Cindy Pattengale, who had served as a receptionist for 10 years and resigning in the spring of 2016. We are very happy to have Cindy back. She serves Wednesday – Friday.

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