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JCB Early Mornings

JCB Teens Wake Up Early to Study the Bible Before School For nearly 10 years, small groups of JCB high school students have started their Tuesday mornings with a Bible study, gathering before school to slowly read through the Gospel of John. And I mean slowly – two years from start to finish on average, immersing themselves in only a few verses each week. The method of Bible Study consists of asking investigative questions – “who, what, when, and where?” – in order to deeply observe the characters, ideas, times, and places in the text.

The students soak in the details before asking the interpretive question of, “Why does it say what it says?” The why is often hidden in what draws the attention of the students. It can be found sometimes by asking the question in another way, “What’s weird here?” Interpretation is driven by the curiosity of the teens.

Finally, this JCB approach to Bible study lands on application: “How do we apply this to our lives?” While guided by leaders, students are empowered to process the how outloud, to put into words what they sense the living Word speaking to them. What a conversation to have to start a school day!

Praise God, this year we added a second Bible Study day, Thursday, and this one meets even earlier than the original. We start at 6:00am in order to expand the opportunity beyond Marion High School to our other county schools. Though off the radar, in part by design, this
opportunity continues to grow and function as one of the most important things we do. JCB Bible study gives teens the skills, while they’re with us, that they’ll use for a lifetime of reading God’s Word on their own.

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