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Homebound Care Teams – Relationships and Communion

Everyone wants to belong and feel included. We value the love, care and relationships with one another. We participate in this kind of community on a Sunday Morning and throughout the week. There is a segment of our congregation, however, that are not able to experience this as often as many of us do. These are our “homebound” or “shut in” members. These are people who, many times due to physical limitations, are not able to leave their home without assistance or not at all. 

Now, even though they can not join us with their physical presence on a Sunday Morning, we know they are still part of The Body of Christ. The catch is these dear members miss out on the interaction, the relationships, the sense of belonging that is taking place. There are a couple of tangible ways we as a church have been building up this part of The Body of Christ and helping them to be made whole,


We have groups of people (Care Ministers) who take time each month to visit, encourage and provide care to these dear members of our congregation, building up the Body of Christ. 



Once a month on a Sunday following the worship service. A group of our Care Ministers take communion to those who are homebound. This is a great opportunity to extend this sacrament and remind all who participate, we are part of The Body of Christ, The Church. 

Meet Shannon Rogers, one of our Care Ministers, who reaches out regularly to some of these dear members of our church! 

“Our seniors are sometimes a forgotten generation, but our greatest and wisest resources. Because they are often physically unable to do all that they used to, they are also often our greatest allies in prayer. 

What a privilege and opportunity it is to care for and serve our seniors—often times they minister more to my heart than I feel I do to theirs! We need them as much as they need us—we are all part of the Body of Christ—and none should be forgotten.”

If you would like to get involved in this kind of Care Ministry click here.

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