When we only view someone through the lens of what they need and not how they also can contribute, everyone misses out. We miss out on receiving and others miss out on giving. We are often inclined to first wonder, “what will our group, congregation, or ministry be able to offer others?” While this is beautifully intentioned, we can in our effort to help, deny others the gift of helping us. What if our minds just as quickly asked, “how might they want to contribute to our community?”
Maybe it’s the way this person wholly accepts their peers, how they have an eye for detail, how reliable they are in their responsibilities, their ability to help us to relax, or their creative ideas during brainstorming. While it may be tempting to single out their giftings which relate to their diagnosis, perhaps how they bless us is completely unrelated.
One of the most loving actions we can offer to our brothers and sisters in the special needs community, to anyone really, is the gift of allowing them to use their giftings.