The Unfaithful | Uninvited Companion | Week 5

The unfaithful are those who betray us. Like Judas and Peter, these are people who are supposed to be our allies. What do we do with people close to us (in our homes, on our teams, in our workplaces, at our church, etc.), but we cannot trust them?

The Subordinate | Uninvited Companion Week 4

As we continue to look at the uninvited companions who fill Jesus’ life and ours, this week we turn to those who disappoint us. These are the “followers” who are difficult to lead.

The Parable of the Vineyard Workers | Week 6

This is a troubling story for us because we imagine that we are those who came into the kingdom first. Because of this, we often have an entitlement mentality, assuming that God “owes” us success or favor because of how hard and how long we have served him. In fact, we are those who came into the kingdom later, and we must learn that God blesses whom He blesses for reasons all His own.