The Future of Love

In his Great Commandment, Jesus shows his genius and authority by bringing all of the feast and fruit of the Scriptures into one seed, bursting with potential harvest. It is the double pulse of the heartbeat of God. He not only pulls in every command of the past but unleashes and prefigures the future of love.

The Commitment to Generosity | Week 8

Over the past 40 years we have witnessed the migration of wealth toward a few who were already wealthy, and away from the masses who were already poor. The political answer is to change the laws, to stimulate the economy, to incentivize the behavior of the rich and the poor but this is doomed to fail unless the heart of a nation is changed. In protest of our unprecedented greed, the Remnant will be people with a fundamentally different view of possessions.

The Commitment to Integrity | Week 7

cheating culture exists when “everyone does what is right in his own eyes.” In our day, there is a sense that everyone is cheating – and justifying it – so that cheating in return is thought a matter of survival. Before the mayhem destroys us, we will need a community who live simple, transparent lives, who risk being taken advantage of because their trust is in God.

The Commitment to Civility | Week 6

Ours is a loud and angry culture in which words turn suddenly into threats, and then to violence. People are slow to listen and fast to speak, often in militant tones. We are more demanding and less patient. As our culture becomes more polarized by our convictions and more fragile by our threats, we will fray the “more perfect union.”