Love Complete | Week 1

In Jesus, God’s solution to a universal problem is a particular person and not just a person but a people through whom God will bless the earth. These people live with God and God lives through these people in ways that are peculiar, yet attractive to the rest of the world. The revelation of Jesus is not just about Jesus. It is also about us, who were “all baptized by one Spirit into one Body . . . and we were all given one Spirit to drink,” (1 Cor. 12:13). Jesus, the Son of God, is the whole Church in the shape of a single person. What if a whole community moved toward this together, from slave to child? What if the Church was truly the Body, the physical Presence of Christ in the world? If we lived together as God lives within Himself, in the Trinity, how would we live And how would it be peculiar yet attractive to the way everyone else lives?

The Believer and the Body | Week 6

For some, the most significant affect of the Holy Spirit is that He joins us to fellow believers, to whom we belong. In Paul’s letters, three metaphors explain how, exactly, the Spirit does this: A body, a family and a temple. In each, the Spirit does something miraculous to join us to the people of God who serve to assist the Holy Spirit in forming us.

A Communion of Saints | Week 6

When God possesses us through His Spirit, we have a genuine affinity for the communion of saints (or the Church). We love one another with a love that is unique to the world. By giving ourselves to the communion of saints, we find ourselves and Christ possesses us even more than he possessed me. The Triune God is enfleshed in the Body of Christ: “We are one, as they are one,”. The great commandment is made possible through the great communion (of saints).

Sheep to Shepherds | week 6

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