A Conversion of Perspective | Conversion Week 6

How you see someone determines how you treat someone.

A Conversion on Ego | Conversion Week 5

What does God know about you that you don’t know?

A Conversion of Worship | Conversion Week 4

They looked up and saw no one except Jesus…

A Conversion of Trust | Conversion Week 2

It’s tempting to read the story of Peter in the boat as a simple moral tale: don’t doubt, and God will enable you to participate in a miracle. That’s not good news; has anyone ever manufactured more faith on-command? The Good News is that in this passage, there’s a different invitation, one that helps us journey with the God who loves us enough to come find us in the storm, and then – amidst our unbelief – to walk as Jesus does. This sermon will explore Matthew 14’s fateful night in the boat, and help us learn how we can follow Jesus – walking, sinking, swimming, confessing – into a promise we can put weight on.

A Conversion of Purpose | Conversion Week 1

If at first we “leave … and follow,” everything else comes easier.