Splash Worship March 22

If you have the SPLASH app, follow along with us there! Otherwise, we invite you to participate in family worship by following along below: 
1. Listen to Psalm 23 and John 10
if you missed last Sunday and want to make your own story sticks at home, click here
2.  Click here to learn how to make a surprising craft that shows us how we can care for God’s sheep even from home! 
3.  Watch Redemption Reflections and listen to your friends talk about redemption!  
4.  We are also praying for you!  Click here to hear how others are praying for you!  
5.  If you would like to stay connected with your friends in SPLASH, sign up for a pen pal!  Email Heather Perry and she will connect you with a new friend you can write during these next few weeks!

Let's work together.

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