Splash Worship April 5

If you have the SPLASH app, follow along with us there! Otherwise, we invite you to participate in family worship by following along below: 
Jesus is King! 
1. Watch the CWC live-stream service at 9:15 or 10:45 on Facebook! Look for yourself or your friends waving branches during the service proclaiming, “Hosanna! Save us!”
Share a pic of your family worshipping together with #collegewes #Splashworship 
2. Tell the Easter service together at home in a dark room with this fun shadow maker! Draw pictures together of the Easter story and then cast the shadows of your drawings onto the ceiling as you retell God’s story to your children!
3. Sing and dance with this fun SPLASH song! Kids, teach your parents the motions!!! 
4. Join CWC and 5 other churches in Grant County from April 6-April 12 between 8-11pm for Easter Story Lights, a drive-along Easter experience for the whole family. Imagine the walkway of lights, but Easter style!!! 

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