Splash Worship April 26


1.  Keep practicing 1 Peter 4:10-11 with your story sticks for the next few weeks until you have it memorized!!   

2.  God gives us all gifts and God wants us to enjoy them!  What do you enjoy?  How can you use the gifts God has given to you to glorify God this week?  

3.  Let’s pray together today with one of our SPLASH kids! 

4.  Sing and praise God today!  Thank you God for the gifts you give to us.  Help us know how to share these gifts to love others.  
A Gift to You  and  Give it Away  

5. This week SPLASH will mail out FLIPPERS, a weekly kid-magazine full of games, interviews, devotionals, and more!  Subscribe today to receive this free magazine!   

6.  SPLASH invites all children and all ages to use the gifts God has given to them for God’s glory and to love or serve others!  If your child has a submission he or she would like to share, send it our way so we can include it in our worship and Flippers plans!  
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