Splash Worship April 19

Talents: A Gift to Give 
1.  Ms. Stephanie has a bizarre talent. What should she do with this odd gift God has given to her? What can YOU do with the talents God has given to you? Watch this video to find out!      
2.  Pray with us!  A couple of our SPLASH kids shared their gifts with all of us today by leading us in prayer. We praise God for blessing us with their sweet voices. Listen and join in their prayers!  
3.  Memorize a new Bible verse: 1 Peter 4:10-12.  Follow along with Ms. Stephanie as she teaches you the motions with your story sticks. Remember – when you memorize a Bible verse you can earn stamps and become a Jr. Storyteller! Keep on memorizing God’s word!   
4.  Let’s sing and worship together!  Learn a new song reminding us that everything God has given to us we can give back to God to glorify Him!  
5.  Share YOUR talents and hobbies with us and let’s explore together how you can give these talents to God for His glory! 
— Send a video of your talent and we will highlight you in our upcoming Flipper magazine 
— Send us a prayer video and we will share your prayer with our SPLASH family next Sunday  
— If you enjoy being funny, share your favorite jokes and we will include these in the upcoming Flippers Magazine to bring a smile to our friends’ faces! 
All ages are invited to participate, and remember, all things can be used to glorify God – even a silly song, a piece of chalk, a simple prayer, or a joke. 
Please send your talents, prayers, and jokes to [email protected].
6.  Have you subscribed to receive the Flippers kids magazine? REGISTER HERE and have the magazine mailed to your house! Flippers is a kid-magazine (think Highlights) that includes games, child devotions, jokes, and interviews with our very own SPLASH children! Sign up for this screen-free way to keep our children engaged in God’s word and with each other!

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