Flippers Magazine


You may have heard by now about the upcoming FLIPPERS magazine.  If you haven’t – SUBSCRIBE TODAY!  We begin mailing the magazine this upcoming week! 

We are really looking forward to this!!  The magazine will have games, puzzles, crafts, a child devotional on the SPLASH themes, and kid interviews to help our kids stay connected with one another AND share their gifts to glorify God.  

The magazine is largely created by children in SPLASH and we want your kids involved, too!  ALL AGES are invited to participate! It’s fun for kids to see their ideas published – but it’s also a way that we can encourage them and a way that they can love others with the gifts God has given to them.

To participate and see your child’s submissions published in the magazine, have your child send us: 

1. A favorite joke!  We will highlight the joke in the magazine one of the weeks! 

2.  Secret messages, mazes, hand-drawn coloring pages, or other games that the child creates!  We will add it to the magazine for the other subscribers to play and solve! 

3.  A video of your child leading us all in prayer

4. A video sharing with us something that your child enjoys!  This can be a talent or hobby (or anything really!). We will then call your child for an interview to learn more about how the glorify God with the things they enjoy!

God has given everyone gifts – even our children have talents and ideas and hobbies that glorify God.  This magazine is a way that children can share with each other the good news of Jesus’ love to one another.  We pray now that our children will be strengthened by the devotionals, encouraged as they read about their friends, entertained with the games and crafts, and valued as an individual as we share our gifts and talents with one another.

Send your submissions and ideas to [email protected]