Stand Alone Messages


November 6, 2022

A shepherd (leader) is a person who takes responsibility for what is or isn’t happening inside them. But how does...

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Praying on Offense

October 23, 2022

Scripture repeatedly links prayer with God’s power and activity in the world. Yet many of us have internalized a vision...

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Rest in the Spirit

October 16, 2022

Our desire is to listen to the Spirit, to walk in the Spirit, to be empowered by the Spirit but...

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Mind the Gap

August 28, 2022

Between a promise and the fulfillment of it is a gap. In that gap we have the freedom and power...

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Remember, Trust, and Say Yes

June 12, 2022

David went from caring for his father's sheep to fighting a giant. How did he do that, and what can...

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The Kingdom of God and the Redemption of Power

April 10, 2022

From Palm Sunday (“Behold your king comes to you…”) to Good Friday (“Hail, king of the Jews…”) the last week...

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Shepherding Reflections

April 3, 2022

Shepherding is not just an activity we pick up when we want. Rather, it is a discipline we grow in,...

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The Good News of the Gospel | Lent Week 4

March 27, 2022

What is the gospel to the oppressed; to those in despair, about to drown? Lately, it seems we are inundated...

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The Rest of the Gospel | Lent Week 3

March 20, 2022

The story of the rich young ruler is often used to denounce the accumulation of wealth, which it does, but...

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