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2023 Season of Advent

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2023 Season of Lent

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2022 Advent

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Sheep to Shepherd

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Kingdom of God

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The Ironies of Christmas

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Me to We

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2 Peter

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1 Peter

2020 Ordinary Time

Listening in the Spirit

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Ask to Listen

2019 Soul Shift Emphasis

The Pslams

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Season of Easter

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Death of God

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Love Complete

2019 Season of Epiphany

First Born

2018 Season of Advent

Slave To Child

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Ancient Faith

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Finding Easter

2018 Season of Easter

The Devout Life

2018 Season of Lent

Seen to Unseen

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Unexpected Jesus

2017 Season of Advent

Living Gospel

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An Other Way

2017 Season of Lent

Consumer to Steward

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2016 Season of Advent


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Kingdom Stories

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The Way of Fools

2016 Season of Lent

Sheep to Shepherd

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What are You Waiting For?

2015 Season of Advent


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By Faith

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ME to We

2015 Soul Shift Emphasis

ME to You

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