Ways You Can Respond

Local Needs

If you’re interested in helping provide food or needed physical resources to children and families from our community who are in need, click learn more.

Parking lot Prayers

Offering prayer is the most often overlooked and safest way we can serve our community during the crisis we are all now experiencing!

Caring For Yourself & Others

Ways you play an active role in extending check-in care with those in our church who are shut-in, homebound. Or find care for yourself during this time.

Splash Kids Resources

We want to encourage all parents and grandparents in their roles as disciplers of their children and grandchildren, especially in this time. To that end, if you want to be equipped with resources and tools to engage your kids, you can download the SPLASH app

JCB Student Resources

Though we cannot be together in person, we can use technology to our benefit and gather together in that way. We are still working on the details of that- more on that to come!


If you feel alone or isolated and would like to be a part of an online small group community, OR if you'd like to keep your existing small group connected without meeting in person, click learn more.