CWC is encouraging individuals and families to go to several strategic locations in our community to offer prayer through- out the social distancing period. Individuals and families can simply park their cars in the various parking lots, remain in their cars, and pray for the organizations, people, and leaders that correspond with each location. Individuals will be given weekly prayer prompts and will be encouraged to pray out loud in their cars for the duration of social distancing.


Location: Frances Slocum Elementary Parking Lot (2909 S. Torrence St.)

Focus: Students, teachers, and other school employee

Location: House of Hope Driveway (306 E. 38th St.)

Focus: Immigrant Connection

Location: Kinwell Academy Parking Lot (815 N. Western Ave.)

Focus: Kinwell Academy

Location: Community Foundation (505 W. 3rd St.)

Focus: Thriving Families, Thriving Grant County

Location: Family Services Parking Lot (101 S. Washington St.)

Focus: Circles of Grant County

Location: MGH Medical Office Parking Lot (330 N. Wabash Ave.)

Focus: Healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients

Location: REAL Community Covenant Church Parking Lot (1240 S. Adams St.)

Focus: The Global Church

Location: Grant County Courthouse Parking Spaces (101 E. 4th St.)

Focus: City, state, & federal leaders

Location: Marion City Hall Parking Lot (301 S. Branson St.)

Focus: Law enforcement, firefighters, and first responders

Location: Five Points Mall Parking Lot (1129 N. Baldwin Ave.)

Focus: Individuals experiencing financial crisis