holy week at home


Take a minute or two to center yourself by praying Isaiah 40:29 as you breathe:

—breathe in

He gives

—hold breath

power to the weak

—breathe out

and strength to the powerless



Bend down, O Lord, and hear our prayer;


Answer us, for we need your help.


Ask that God would reveal himself in this time and in this place. 

If you’re in a group, consider asking different people to pray each day.

Today's scripture text:

Matthew 21:28-32

select one (or all) of the following formats:

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After the text is presented, someone says:

The Word of the Lord

and everyone responds:

Thanks be to God!

Response to the Word

Build Your Family Altar.



What are some things that you know would be good to do, but you don’t always feel like doing? When in the Bible did God’s plan not go how he wanted and yet he kept loving his people? Why would he do this? If you’re in a group, share these answers out loud. 



Find a cup, or a mug, and place it on your family altar. May it symbolize God’s forgiveness—his cup of the new covenant—for those that “go out and work in the vineyard” (Mt. 21:28).



What is one thing you find difficult that you could do for someone else this week? How would our lives be different if we were ok with not getting our way all the time, but sought to help make someone else’s life easier?

Want more to do?

Additional activities


Have you ever tried to sing along to a song and thought, “This is too high” or, “This is too low”? We all have different comfort levels when it comes to how high or low we sing. This is why transposing is so helpful.

To transpose something is to use the original content of something and transfer it to a different function or context. So, what if instead of music, we tried transposing scripture into the sound of prayer?

Take, for example, the text from today’s breathing prayer (Isaiah 40:28-31). Read through the text a couple times and then transpose the text by considering how you might use some of the words and phrases to write your own prayer for someone. If you need some guidance to start, you could even use the invocation formula from yesterday’s additional activities.

Click here to see an example


Jesus told the Pharisees, “John the Baptist showed you the right way to live, but you didn’t believe him, while [others] did” (Mt. 21:32). What is the “right way to live”—especially when you’re living among people who aren’t seeking this same “right way”?

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