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Holy Week

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Holy Week is the final week leading to Christ’s death and ultimately his resurrection on Easter morning. Just like a movie slows down during the most important scene, the church is invited to slow down and journey through this week with Christ.

In lieu of gathering each evening as we’ve done in the past, this resource provides a 10-15 minute  liturgy for you to do by yourself or with those in your home each day during Holy Week. There are different options of interaction depending on your home context and optional additional activities each day if you’re looking for more.

We’ll look back at some important lessons and discuss how God’s faithfulness in the past can form our present and our future so that we can have the faith to follow Christ even when he goes where we least expect. 

The beginning of holy week

Palm Sunday

Since the time of Noah (and probably before) altars have been used to mark special places in which God showed up and did remarkable things. Throughout this Holy Week, you will be invited to build an altar in your home and remember the ways God has been faithful in your life as well as look forward to his faithfulness in the future. 

So today, in addition to watching CWC’s livestream of the Palm Sunday service, all we’re inviting you to do is to prepare for the coming week. Whether you live with multiple people or by  yourself, identify a “family altar” in your home and declare it as such to all who live with you, inviting them to take part daily in this Holy Week journey. Place the “altar” in the room you plan to gather daily as you’ll interact with it each day. May this be the first step in posturing ourselves for this Holy Week.



Find a flat surface— an end table, tv tray, coffee table, or even just your dining room table—that could act as a family altar for this Holy Week.



Each day, within the daily liturgy, you will be invited to add a symbol to the altar and consider its meaning.  


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Let others in the church see your family altar by taking a picture and posting it on social media with the hashtag #CWCholyweek 

Additional Activities

Hopefully you watched CWC's livestream of the Palm Sunday service but if you're still looking for more ways to start this Holy Week, see some activities below.

Watch the Text

From Matthew 21:1-11, Mark 11:1-11, Luke 19:28-40, John 12:12-16

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Make a Palm Frond

Join the Triumphal Entry by making your own palm branch. It can be the first symbol you place on your family altar!

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