The Python


Pythons eat one big meal, then spend time digesting that one meal—for a week or even month (if it’s a really large meal). Similarly, some people have a way of orienting to the world that’s much less day to day and much more week to week or month to month. If you are a Python in your scripture reading, you tend to want to do things all in one big burst; you don’t like to break things up into smaller portions, eating a small meal here and there. You feel most at peace when you’re able to keep going until you’re all the way done—regardless of how long it might take. 

As a Python, your biorhythm (what time of day you have the most energy) is probably not the most important thing for you to consider in how you read. Rather, your flow of life on either a weekly basis or a monthly basis is the most important. You will need to look at your schedule and determine when you have a long enough stretch of time that you can start reading a large chunk of scripture (maybe a whole book or two) and spend time in study and in mediation…until you feel like you’ve gotten a really full, satisfying meal.