Our Sunday Morning Classes

Community Life | Room 119/121

Group Type: Sermon Application, Intergenerational

Concepts in Christian Living | The Chapel

Group Type: Sermon application, intergenerational/senior adult

Get Connected | Conference Room 117

Group Type: Sermon application, intergenerational

The Journey | Room 122/124

Group Type: Sermon Application, Intergenerational

Sermon Application | Hospitality Room

Group Type: Sermon application, intergenerational

Word Alive | Room 123

Group Type: Intergenerational, Book-by-Book Bible study/Application

Intentional Christian Grandparenting | Great Room

Group Type: Grandparents (grandchildren near or far)

1st Sunday of the month only; 10:30-11:45 am

Our Small Groups

1:15pm | Holy Disagreement 

Description: This group facilitates difficult conversations that are important to the Body of Christ (but that we often avoid because talking about them surfaces disagreement that feels like an obstacle to our ability to love). This group meets once a month for 2 hours in the church.


We’d love to launch some Monday small groups! Reach out if you’re interested in helping lead!


6pm | Ladies’ Bible Study

Description: Women‘s Bible study; this Fall is focused on authenticity, and how God calls us toward our identity as beloved children of God.

7pm | Young Adult Group

Description: This group focuses around Scripture and sermon application, and is mostly made up of young adults (some married, some unmarried) who have made Marion their home. Group meets weekly in rotating houses throughout Marion.


6pm | Scripture Engagement Group

Description: This group is walking through the “Direction” Scripture plan made available by CWC, and is made up of women from different generations. The group meets every few weeks in CWC in the hospitality room at CWC.

6:30pm | Women’s Bible Study

Description: Larger group that meets at 6:30-8 PM in the CWC Great Room September 6-October 11; this Fall’s study is “When You Pray,” aimed at helping us explore prayers in the Bible that can inform our own.

7:15pm | Young Adult Group

Description: Young adult group mostly made up of late 20’s/early 30’s; group shifts between book studies, video series, and social gatherings. Meets weekly at homes in Marion.


6:30am | Mens Prayer Group

Description: Intergenerational group that meets monthly on the 3rd Thursday of each month for prayer and fellowship around breakfast.

6pm | Scripture Group

Description: Intergenerational group that meets weekly for a meal, and a time of sharing around Scripture. Meal at 6, Bible Study at 6:45, dismissal by 8 PM!

7pm | BSF

Description: Large group of women who gather together for Bible Study at the church each week in CWC’s JC Bodyshop Building, 103-A.

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