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So much of discipleship emerges from a desire to see what life in Christ looks like in every domain of our lives. But we don’t find our way toward Christ alone; we find Him in the community of people with whom He’s given us to work, live, and rest. This fall, our small groups for young adults will cultivate three different ways to lean into life in Christ. 

Scripture + Sermon Talkback Groups: This is a format we’ve traditionally worked through, based on the scripture preached at CWC on Sunday morning, by tying in some of the insights from the sermon itself. Participants debrief the scripture from Sunday’s sermon, discuss the implications for their lives, and pray together and a group. 

Scripture + Sabbath Groups: This is a new group format aimed at helping people start practicing Sabbath—not as a 24-hour period, but as a meaningful rhythm of work and rest. Every week has a few specific ways of practicing rest, with most ways of practicing rest being able to occur within 20-60 minutes within the week. Group time consists of 1) reviewing the past week’s practice of Sabbath, 2) engaging Scripture around Sabbath,  3) leaning into a new practice of Sabbath for the week, and 4) praying for one another as a group. The group ends with a culminating experience that members choose to do together as a practice of Sabbath (like a cookout, a trip to Top Golf, or a prayer gathering at the house where the small group met). 🙂 

Scripture + Goals-Focused Groups: A twist on the traditional “accountability” group, these groups work together to 1) read scripture (sometimes along with a book or resource), 2) process through goals they’ve set for each week, and 3) pray for one another as a group. 

If you’re interested in getting involved in a young adult small group, email ethan.linder@collegewes.com for more info, or stop at the welcome desk on a Sunday morning. 🙂 

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