Wellsprings of Freedom Ministry at CWC

A few weeks ago, a Ministry Spotlight video highlighted the Wellsprings ministry at College Wesleyan Church.  Over the past 19 years, Wellsprings of Freedom International (WFI) has grown from a small church ministry at Heritage (Wesleyan) Church in Illinois to its own not-for-profit organization encompassing 50 network locations in five countries.  Wellsprings of Freedom is a prayer ministry that invites Jesus into the process of helping people find healing from past emotional wounds. One of those 50 network locations is right here at College Church and has been for several years.  Not much has been said publicly about this ministry because of the overwhelmingly high demand it is experiencing.  When someone finds healing, they share that with their friends, and more people see their own need for healing. This word-of-mouth exposure has allowed Wellsprings at CWC to grow to 30 volunteers, holding 4 sessions per week, and the current waiting list is over nine months long!  Because of this, Wellsprings has two needs:
  1. More volunteers to be trained to serve at College Wesleyan Church.
  2. More churches in Indiana to be trained to do this ministry (especially the Marion area).
To this end, Wellsprings of Freedom International has started a brand new Regional Training Hub right here in Marion, Indiana to train and equip churches!  WFI and this new Regional Training Hub will be hosting the Equipped Indiana Training Conference right here at College Church from November 7–9, which will serve both purposes stated above – to train and equip both churches and individuals on how to offer or become a volunteer in this ministry. Attending this conference in November will qualify you to apply to serve on the College Church Wellsprings team.  The need is great!  Will you join us? For more information, please contact us at:
Wellsprings Team College Wesleyan Church Rev. David Kelly WFI Indiana Regional Training Hub
marionwellsprings@gmail.com david@wellspringsoffreedom.net
765-382-6238 765-251-8434
“It was so neat to see how God revealed, worked and cleaned me up! I felt lighter with a restored joy that I hadn’t felt in quite a while. The team members were so loving and supportive, which meant so much to me. Thank you Wellsprings for your ministry and commitment to restoring freedom in believers’ lives. I am truly grateful!” – Client Testimony
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