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Spiritual Direction Opportunities at CWC

Spiritual Direction at College Wesleyan Church

Do you sense God drawing you toward something that seems new or different for you? Do you love Him deeply and long to be more fully in tune with Him, while also longing to help others know Him better? Then you may be ready to learn Spiritual Direction.

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is a centuries-old church practice of one mature, trained believer (spiritual director) walking alongside another seeker/believer (directee) to attune their hearts to God’s activity in all areas of their lives.  This is not counseling, life-coaching or mentoring; it’s a unique experience of two people focusing together on hearing God’s voice and harmonizing with His work in all aspects of their lives. During each session, the director and directee pray together, listening for God’s voice and working to identify how they might press in to what God is drawing them toward and discerning how God is communicating and at work in all aspects of life. 

Upcoming Opportunities


Deepen is a one-year formation program that fosters a foundational understanding of spiritual direction practices. One evening a month, you will learn to practice the spiritual disciplines presented in Richard Foster’s classic book: The Celebration of Discipline. The first session is September 12, 2019 (4-7pm) on Meditation. 

More Information About Deepen 

Becoming a Spiritual Director

This is a two-year equipping workshop designed to help individuals learn the practice of Spiritual Direction. It is a journey of learning to discern God’s voice and presence within others, as well as themselves. Those who successfully complete the requirements will receive a certificate of completion in Spiritual Direction. 

Becoming a Spiritual Director Application

For more information about either of these opportunities or questions about Spiritual Direction, contact Rev. Dr. Judy Crossman at spiritualdirection@collegewes.com.

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