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JCB Summer Camp Highlights



Three Fires Camp

We started out the summer strong at Pokagon State Park with our 7th-9th graders! Every year, it just keeps getting better! We were challenged by our speakers to unpack anxiety and had time to intentionally spend time in the Word every morning to listen for how God was speaking and moving. The kids got to improve their skills in canoeing, archery, art, campfire cooking, and survival during the day and compete in team competitions at night. Lives were changed, new friendships built, and many fish were caught (How can a kid catch fish with just a line, hook and a worm? We will never know, but will always be impressed!) at camp this year and we were so thankful for the incredible time there! 



Kids for Christ Camp

Following Three Fires, we had a second camp at Pokagon: the beloved KFC camp! Our 4th-6th grade students were able to hear about the life of David and God’s ability to do the same mighty works in our own lives because we serve the very same God as David! The campers were also shown God’s hand in their lives through their time learning about art, nature, canoeing and archery, as well as traveling with their own “walking rabbi” who taught them about God’s Word as Jesus would have taught his disciples. We tie-dyed our shirts, did hilarious truth, dare or eat challenges, and competed in an epic Pokagon Camp Amazing Race. We made great memories and can’t wait to go back next year! 



Adventure Trip 2019

Every year we take our sophomores, juniors, and seniors on a trip where we facilitate many different experiences that are geared toward solitude, simplicity, shared experiences and service. The Badlands National Park was our first destination, where we had time for camping, hiking and solitude. Then, we headed out to Rapid City (South Dakota) for the service-oriented part of our trip. There, we had the privilege to partner with Pastor Larry and Dale Saleway at He Sapa New Life Wesleyan Church. We were blessed to do work on numerous projects on their church’s property and have the chance to lead a kids club with children/youth in one of their church’s neighborhoods. We were deeply impacted and blessed by our time with the Saleways and by the beautiful testimonies they shared with us.



Freshman Trip

This year, we began a new tradition in the Freshman Trip! This trip was formed out of the desire to welcome and bring the new freshman class through a “rite of passage” experience as they enter their first year of high school. We headed out east for Camp Burton in northeast Ohio, where we spent intentional time together through various group activities, shared times of corporate sharing/worship and times of solitude. We had an amazing time and couldn’t have been happier and more blessed by the freshmen who joined us on this inaugural trip.



Thank You!

These camps are only possible for the generosity of YOU! Camp staff, teachers, parents, drivers, friends, volunteers, sponsors, pizza-fundraiser buyers – you all make it possible for our kids to have these incredible experiences. THANK YOU!

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