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English Connection Launch

Here at Immigrant Connection, we are excited to announce the fall launch for English Connection! English Connection, formerly Marion ESL Tutoring, has over the past two years been a partnership between Taylor University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and College Wesleyan Church in order to provide English as a Second Language Tutoring to immigrants in our community

Each year there are more stories of growth of the tutees’ language skills and impact it has for them as they are transitioning here to our community. It has been a transformative experience for tutees and tutors both as they learn and grow with each other, and build relationships with one another.




Materials to teach ESL


If you would like to befriend and help local adult immigrants or their children, please volunteer with English Connection today! We will pair you with your own tutee and equip you to teach him or her English as a second language one-on-one. 

You can sign up for this fall by going to  https://marionesltutoring.weebly.com 

(job descriptions and application forms available under the “resources” tab). Please contact us through the website if you have any questions.

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