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Ask to Listen Emphasis

Ask to Listen

The goal of Ask to Listen is to help our people cultivate a listening life – listening for the voice of God and discerning the difference between His and other voices – so that we may be in union and on mission with God. The assumptions driving this emphasis are, first, that God speaks continuously: He speaks to his people and so hearing God’s voice is the normal practice of a Christian. Second, the practice of hearing God’s voice involves habits (scripture reading, prayer, meditation, fasting, service, worship, etc.) and dispositions that belong to both introverts and extroverts, to both the individual and the community. Third, the purpose of hearing God’s voice is not just to know God’s will but to know God and to join Him in His work.  


Each week, we invite you to practice rhythms intended to help us posture ourselves to listen. 


MONDAY:  Every Monday, we will release a short video resource that connects us to postures and practices that help us listen and discern God’s voice. The first video resource will be released September 9. Go to www.collegewes.com/asktolisten to access Ask to Listen resources or tune into our Facebook account or YouTube channel


WEEKLY DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Since God speaks not only to individuals but also to communities, we encourage weekly discussions about how we are posturing ourselves to hear from God and what we think God might be saying. These discussions can happen in groups, around the lunch table, or with your family


WEDNESDAY:  Wednesdays during the Ask to Listen series will be set apart to engage in prayer practices that posture us to listen. Beginning September 11, at 7am, you are invited to a time of guided prayer in the CWC Chapel. These will continue weekly on Wednesdays at 7am for the duration of the fall series. However, if you are unable to meet with us in the morning, we still encourage you to practice this prayer time on your own through the help of a weekly prayer guide with printed copies available on Sunday mornings or at www.collegewes.com/asktolisten. 


FRIDAY: We want to hear from you! As you discern God’s voice throughout the week individually and in community, we want to know how God is speaking to you. What are you hearing from God in your prayer times, Scripture readings, conversations, or other spiritual practices? 


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