College/Young Adult Resources

Because college is full of commitments, assignments, and new relationships, it can often be challenging to feel rooted in a community. What’s usually needed is just space: space to pause, to rest, to listen for God’s voice, to serve, and to build quality relationships. College ministry is focused on helping you find load-bearing relationships—with mentors, friends, and the church as a whole—that root you in formative community. Below are just a few pathways that’ll help you get rooted in community. If any of these interest you, either click through for more info, or email [email protected]. We’d love to have a conversation!

Events and Gatherings

We have once-monthly workshops called “Elevate” that’ll help you tackle key issues relating to Identity, Belonging, and Purpose, and other gatherings with young adults around Grant County. To join our email list for events and other communication, click here (embed code linked above).


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Small Group Communities

Meet with people who share your stage of life, and are seeking to root themselves in conversation with God and live out the Gospel in their career, relationships, and habits. Click here to be paired with a small group.


If you’re interested in meeting with a mentor from our church who can help you find deeper roots in the Gospel and shares your profession, your hobbies, or your interest in spiritual formation, click below to help us know what would be helpful for you in a mentor. 

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a centuries-old church practice of one mature, trained believer (spiritual director) walking alongside another seeker/believer (directee) to attune their hearts to God’s activity in all areas of their lives.  This is not counseling, life-coaching or mentoring; it’s a unique experience of two people focusing together on hearing God’s voice and harmonizing with His work in all aspects of their lives. During each session, the director and directee pray together, listening for God’s voice and working to identify how they might press in to what God is drawing them toward and discerning how God is communicating and at work in all aspects of life. If you’re interested in finding a spiritual director, email [email protected]

Serving on a Team

Being a disciple means making disciples; making disciples starts by serving the person right in front of you. Learn how you can serve in the church and community



Delaney Odie

College/Young Adult Pastor