The Great Assembly | Easter Week 5

The great assembly at the end of time has begun in the rise of the church.

More Than Forgiveness | Easter Week 4

The Spirit of God breaks the power of sin in believers’ lives.

Holiness and People | Easter Week 3

Through studying the calling of Matthew and the later interaction between Jesus and the Pharisees, we are reminded about how true holiness will inevitably move us to love people by considering the irradiating compassionate and transformational power of Jesus’ holiness. So, the sermon is an invitation to consider our own hearts by checking them through the light of how we treat others. Jesus teaches that our walk with God and the way I treat my neighbor are intimately connected.

The Benefit of Doubt | Easter Week 2

Doubt has long been perceived as that which separates us from Christ. But in the Easter narrative, we see doubt as a regular, recurring, and formative part of the journey of faith. Ultimately, Jesus’ response to such uncertainty leads to the highest point of confession in John’s gospel and models for the church how we, as Easter people, should embrace seasons of uncertainty, ask the difficult questions, and welcome those who are still in search of the risen Christ.

Brand New Day | Easter Week 1

Easter is the rise of dawn on the Day of the Lord.