What is God Showing You About People in Your Care? 

How would our lives be different if we lingered in prayer over other people’s longings, losses, and dreams? How would our discipleship change if we saw prayer as an opportunity to honestly present other people’s concerns to God? What if our time spent lingering in prayer fueled the way we heard the people we care for? 

Shepherding a Sabbath

Shepherding a Sabbath involves remembering to keep the Sabbath, which is difficult. Most pastors or priests or church ministers could testify that caring for people involves constant work and diligence just like shepherding.

Love One Another

This is for those who think there is no way they can be a person who cares for and shepherds others.

Search and Rescue

When we take on the responsibility of shepherding others, it means that there are going to be times when we need to actively participate in search and rescue. There will be times when those who are part of our cadre of care, drift away.

An Epistle to the Shepherd

Thank you. Thank you for taking seriously our call to love one another.  Thank you for the ways you have tried to make God’s love tangible to people around you.  Thank you for showing up.  Thank you for being present.  Thank you for the notes you have written and the meals you have cooked.  Thank […]

The Power of Words

Our words are powerful. They speak life and they speak death. Words are powerful because they can be so precise. When the tongue is used in precise ways to speak life it is encouragement. Encouragement acknowledges deep love, confirms deep hope, and affirms deep faith.