It Is What It Is

There is a brokenness to our world. This brokenness is not just something that exists “out there.” If we look carefully, that brokenness is in here. It is tempting to ignore it or resign ourselves to it, saying “it is what it is.” God’s amazing grace gives us another way forward.

A Continual Feast | Week 5

What is my disposition? What is the condition of my heart? “All the days of the oppressed are heavy,” says Proverbs, “but the cheerful heart has a continual feast,” (15:15). The heart of a slave can be timid or pessimistic because she worries that God and the world are laughing at her (Gen. 18:12-15). But a child of promise believes that God and the world are laughing with her (Gen. 21:6) and so she is free from the fear of failure and lives with a disposition of joy, wonder and confidence.

Part Hearted

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Too Good to Love

Is there a place in your life where you unknowingly live face to face with the will of God and keep missing it? This week we are going to experience the book of Philemon anew. We will discover some key differences between the way Paul and Philemon lived out their faith and the impact that had on others.

Seizing the Moment | Week 10

From Esther we learn that God has called some into places of power (like Esther), and others to stay and the gate (like Mordecai), and that we must accept the place that God has assigned and to wait for the moment – a time when options are clear, when decisions are points of departure, when the community is divided over two ways of living – and to offer fresh, informed and creative solutions.