Grief and Prayer

Lament allows us to tell God that we do not think things are as they ought to be. In lament, we begin to see God as commiserating alongside us.

Learning to Sabbath

Work is a good thing, both created by God and practiced by Him; and yet many of us remain convinced that if we stop working, our lives will fall apart.

Community in the Land Between

when seasons of transition or sudden change arrive and we find ourselves spending an extensive amount of time in the place we call home, we realize that our idea of ‘home’ might not have been everything we thought it would be.

Living A Life of Thoughtfulness

How long have we missed out on attentiveness to the little things that help us slow down and practice gratitude,

COVID and Communal Faith

It doesn’t always take everyone being shut inside their homes to encounter a loss of community. Even the most introverted person finds themselves losing a beloved community from time to time.